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America's #1 Vitamin Sprays


Increase Absorption + Maximise Results + Healthier Choice

Plant-Based, Tastes Great & No Added Sugar

Portable: Easy Spray Or Drink

We spend around $50 a month on vitamins: most ends up down the drain! Studies show we’re only getting an average of only 10-20% absorption from vitamin pills. That’s a hard statistic to swallow! Marz sprays are scientifically formulated to maximize absorption, are plant-based and contain no added sugar, making them the smarter, healthier choice for you and your family.

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All our natural sprays have been formulated by a team of doctors , scientifically designed to get results. Marz is recommended and sold in medical weight loss and nutrition clinics throughout the country. Backed by a 20-year clinical track record, Marz has helped thousands achieve their ideal health goals.



Improve Your Sleep Drug-Free With Melatonin


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Finally, vitamins that are natural and made for people on-the-go

Setting The Standards In Cosmic, Natural Wellness

Our history is steeped in providing the best and most scientific approaches to weight loss and nutrition for the health-conscious American market. The family has owned and operated a chain of weight loss and nutrition clinics, keeping Hollywood thin for over 20 years. Over this time, we also learned that there are over 100,000,000 that have difficulty or cannot swallow pills in the United States alone. We challenged our scientists to come up with a better way to take vita without having to pop nasty pills. Out of this Marz+® Sprays were born and the market quickly accepted and fell in love with the sprays with over 500,000 sold to date.

Originally launched with a bang on Shark Tank in 2012, we have since evolved to be out of this world, ticking all the boxes: natural, fast-acting, plant-based, sugar and calories-free, gluten-free and ethical.

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Stop Swallowing Nasty Pills

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Spend over $50USD & Get Free Delivery To The USA, Australia & New Zealand


Backed By A 20 Year Clinical Record

Formulated by a team of doctors, scientifically designed to get results




Marz+® Sleep Spray

"A friend recommended the Sleep Spray ... I went from many restless nights to falling asleep quickly and sleeping soundly through the night"


Mathayo M.

Marz+® Shine Spray

"Swallowing pills have been tiring for as long as I can remember ... Marz is a coming-of-age for vitamins. Kudos"


Sandy N.

Marz+® Slim Spray

"The flavors are lovely and I'm seeing good results already!"


Cindy Rodemeyer

Marz+® Sleep Spray

This product delivers what is says it will do. I sleep better and it relieves my stress!! I will buy more of this when I run out.


Jennifer Schultze

Marz+® Sleep Spray

I have tried various sleeping remedies& this one takes the cake! I always fall asleep for at least 6 hours. Within 5 minutes I'm in a restful bliss. I love it! Highly recommend! It's worth every penny!


Donnie Watson

Marz+® Sleep Spray

As I psychologist, I appreciate how important restful sleep is to the mind, body and soul. I have used this product for several years to achieve that for myself. I love the customer service and the fact it’s family owned!


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