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Dosage Matters

By :Nicole Ferro 0 comments
Dosage Matters

Customized to fit the individual needs of your body

There no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution for weight loss, because different people have different needs. 1

But more importantly: even the needs of your individual body will be different on different days. And they’ll change at different times of the day. And as you get closer to your weight loss goal, your body’s needs will continue to change.

In other words, “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t even fit the same person from day to day.

With Marz Sprays you have a highly flexible, customizable “toolbox” to give your body what it needs, and when it needs it – no matter how much those needs change hour by hour and day by day. And unlike pills, designed to be taken once or twice a day – and which have low absorption if they dissolve at all2,3Marz Sprays delivers high-potency, high-absorption nutritional support exactly when you need it.

If you’ve tried losing weight before, you know the roller coaster ride. Sometimes you’ll feel tired and sluggish and in need an energy boost. Often you’ll struggle with hunger pangs and food cravings. You will probably experience mood swings, feeling cranky and irritable. You may feel sick and nauseous. You might feel depressed and down in the dumps. And when you’re hungry, you’re likely to crave the absolute worst foods – high-calorie, high-carbohydrate processed foods.

To meet these challenges head-on you need support systems that are highly-targeted, fast-acting, and can be adjusted to give you the right dosage at the right time.

Marz Sprays gives you the dosage control to address each challenge head-on. The right amount at the right time.




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