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3 Tips to Break Out of a Work Rut

By :Brandon Marz 0 comments
3 Tips to Break Out of a Work Rut

Being stuck in a rut isn't a great feeling, doing the same things over and over again. Being stuck in a rut makes one miserable and demotivated, unfocused and unproductive.

So why keep living life uninspired? Get yourself unstuck with these three tips:

1. Write down your goals 

Think of big and small objectives. Perhaps you’ve been in the same job for over 10 years and it’s time to move on, so finding a new job would be your primary goal. You can then set small goals to achieve your primary goal like updating your CV, getting a new haircut for your business photo, and writing a customisable cover letter. Once done with writing these down, get to work!

2. Steer clear of negativity

No one can get you unstuck but you. Complaining won’t get you anywhere. Instead, use your energy for productive things like actually doing some job hunting, or working on improving yourself and expanding your skills. Why not enrol in a seminar (or webinar) or workshop that you’re interested in and can add to your knowledge?

3. Take stock of your successes and failures

Congratulate yourself on your accomplishments, old and new. Reflect upon your losses and see where you could have done better. If you did your best but failed, congratulate yourself anyway. Doing this would help you remember that you did well before and you can do better again.

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