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Sleep and Astrology: How the Moon and the Stars Influence Your Sleep

By :Brandon Marz 0 comments
Sleep and Astrology: How the Moon and the Stars Influence Your Sleep

Sleep and Astrology: How the Moon and the Stars Influence Your Sleep Cycle

If you have experienced disrupted sleeping patterns during a full moon, you may be surprised to learn of a powerful astrological phenomenon that influences mind and body balance. The influence of the moon and the stars on our behavioural patterns has been scrutinised by astrologers for many years. Astrological study reveals the occurrence of unhealthy sleep cycles and general imbalance when the moon is at its fullest. 

A closer look at the correlation between lunar and sleep cycles helps us learn effective and natural ways to achieve rest and rejuvenation.

The Influence of Lunar Cycles on Sleeping Patterns 

Astrologists believe the moon's gravitational force on the ocean's tides could explain its influence on our sleeping patterns. As our bodies consist of up to 70 percent water, the moon may affect the internal systems governing sleep, emotion, and balance.

The following physical and emotional disruptions can occur upon a full moon:

  1. REM sleep is disrupted. 

REM sleep is an integral part of healthy cognitive and central nervous system function. When disrupted, we can suffer from migraines, inattention, poor coping skills, and metabolic fluctuations. It is believed that bright lunar light is responsible for poor REM sleep. 

  1. You struggle to fall asleep.

When the moon is full, restlessness is owed to high levels of energy and physical imbalance.

  1. You cannot sleep.

Intense light emitted by the moon can subconsciously leave your mind and body feeling energised and unable to rest. This natural illumination ignites a sense of internal energy, keeping us awake at night.

  1. You are unable to rise out of bed.

The moon influences our emotions. Full moons can leave us feeling lethargic, depressed and unable to climb out of bed.

The Natural Solution to Restore Healthy Sleep Cycles

When the radiant moon gets in the way of much-needed sleep, you can trust Marz Sleep Spray to naturally restore healthy sleep cycles. This soothing sleep alternative is made in the United States and is chemical-free. It works by decreasing stress, calming the mind and promoting relaxation. 

Marz Sleep Spray contains cherry juice, a natural source of melatonin, which is an essential sleep hormone. When sleep is restored, it prevents excess weight gain while rejuvenating the mind and body. During lunar influences, the doctor-formulated spray acts faster than sleeping pills. Its unique combination of gluten- and sugar-free ingredients provide safe sleep support.

Whether the lunar influence is preventing you from getting out of bed or causing restless nights, Marz Sleep Spray is the natural solution you need to feel restored and well-rested. Our sleep spray improves the quality of sleep, enhances clarity and encourages lasting health and wellbeing.

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