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Sleep Divorce?

By :Brandon Marz 0 comments
Sleep Divorce?

Is Sleep Divorce the Solution to Your Couple Sleeping Woes?

Does your partner snore a lot? Do they hog the sheets? Do either of you bother the other with constantly tossing and turning all through the night? Is one of you particularly sensitive to light, while the other prefers to read using a bedside lamp until ready to doze off? Or do your sleeping schedules not match? 

Has the problem escalated to the point that you’re considering a sleep divorce?

Whatever the reason for your sleep dissatisfaction and deprivation as a couple, don’t think that sleep divorce is the only solution.

What is sleep divorce?

Sleep divorce is not a new concept, although back in the day, it was just called ‘sleeping,’ just like everyone else did. The idea of couples sleeping in separate beds was promoted as early as the 1900s and practised well into the 1970s. Apparently, the benefits of having your bed to yourself were not lost on people even in the early days.

According to a survey conducted by the Better Sleep Council, “63 per cent of couples sleep most of the night separated,” with 26 per cent of respondents reporting better quality sleep when dozing off alone. One study has also shown that a night of disturbed sleep can negatively impact daytime relationship functioning.

Meanwhile, experts say that couples who sleep divorce or sleep on separate beds can enjoy better relationships — due in part to getting better quality sleep. However, couples who have never done it tend to think sleeping apart leads to a loss of intimacy.

Now, if you happen to be in the same boat — that is, being sleep-deprived for reason/s involving your partner’s sleep habits — should you consider sleep divorce, then?

If you honestly don’t like the idea, don’t worry, we have a solution for you.

Better sleep with Marz+® Sleep Spray

There’s no need to resort to anything drastic, especially if both you and your partner are uncomfortable with the idea of sleep divorce. After all, there’s a natural, non-addicting, safe alternative you can use: Marz+® Sleep Spray.

Marz+® Sleep Spray is a plant-based, fast-absorbing, and fast-acting proprietary blend that’s safe and easy to use, promising the restful sleep you need to be alert, refreshed, and energised for the next day.

Since it’s in spray form, there’s no danger of overdosing as you can control the amount you use easily. Plus, with half a dose of Marz+® Sleep Spray, you can relax, calm your nerves, and reduce stress.

With Marz+® Sleep Spray, you’ll soon find yourselves dozing off together and getting quality, adequate sleep without the need for a sleep divorce.

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