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Front liners lacking energy and having trouble sleeping

By :Natalie Nichols 0 comments
Front liners lacking energy and having trouble sleeping

The pandemic has put a strain on the physical and mental health of many Americans. Studies and reports have shown that frontline workers, especially those in the medical field, are experiencing mental health issues at an unprecedented level. 

Many frontline workers have reported feeling exhausted and overwhelmed while also experiencing burnout. These conditions often work as triggers that cause more problems. For example, stress and anxiety from caring for severely ill or terminal patients can lead to insomnia. The worker isn’t able to disconnect from work once they get home. This allows the stress to build and interfere with every other aspect of their life. Marz+ Labs is sponsoring a special giveaway to help frontline workers manage their symptoms. 

It isn’t just proximity to seriously ill patients that leads to stress. Many experience worries about exposing their family members to the virus. Many frontline workers have been separated from their children, interfering with their ability to parent. Many say these feelings are compounded by a lack of emotional support needed to meet the overwhelming demands of working under these conditions. 

A large number of healthcare workers have also seen their work hours grow. Doctors and nurses who have left their positions have resulted in staff shortages. The resulting shift changes and working for extended hours all take a toll on medical caregivers left to carry the load. For many, working more hours means not getting enough quality sleep. Those who change between daytime and nighttime shifts also have problems sleeping. The resulting sleep debt impacts the caregiver’s health, their cognitive ability, and the outcome of their patients. The greater their sleep debt, the more severe their mental and physical symptoms would be. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains that a person adds to their sleep debt every time they don't get the needed hours of sleep. As the sleep debt grows, they lose energy and experience feelings of fatigue. The body and the brain no longer function as they should. They don’t have the capacity to provide their patients with the care they deserve. If the insomnia continues, it could take a lot more sleep to make up for the debt. The only way to erase the debt is by getting the quality sleep they need.

During the pandemic, a social media survey showed that nearly all frontline healthcare workers experienced poor sleep. More than one-third experienced mild to moderate insomnia.

Sleep deprivation affects the caregiver’s physical and mental health. It changes their personality and makes them less effective at handling their emotions.

It isn’t just a matter of getting a few hours less sleep than they require. The quality of sleep they get also matters. Many frontline workers surveyed reported disruptions to their sleep due to nightmares and device use. Some even experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They end up trapped in a negative loop where their stress and anxiety lead to poor sleep, and their sleep debt leads to more stress and anxiety.

These workers often try and medicate their own symptoms. Some use beverages with high caffeine content or caffeine pills to help them stay awake. While this stimulant helps keep them alert during the short term, caffeine also causes side effects when consumed in large quantities.

Sleeping pills offer a traditional approach to treating insomnia. However, frequent use of these medications can cause serious side effects such as memory loss or unsteadiness. The person is also at risk of becoming addicted. Natural sleep remedies provide a safer alternative without the potential risks of sleeping pills. 

Marz+ Labs offers an alternative to sleeping pills that is natural, effective, and requires no prescription. Marz+ is a female-founded, family-owned business that produces vitamin sprays made in the USA and formulated by sleep experts and doctors with 20+ years’ experience. Their sprays harness the power of plants and are vegan and cruelty-free.

Marz+ wanted to support hard working front liners with their sleep and energy struggles. So they started gifting their Sleep and Shine Spray to doctors, nurses and other vital service providers. Medical front liners now have access to natural sleep aides and fast acting B12 energy boosters. 

"After a recent re-run of our Shark Tank appearance, we saw an influx in sales from health care professionals. We chose to gift it to them instead and simply asked them to cover the postage. This sparked the idea to extend this to all American frontliners as our way to support them during this very difficult time," Tamara Loehr, co-founder of Marz Lab's explains.

"The products easily fit in your pocket or office draw and work in minutes. They are an oral spray so they can be taken on the run with a few simply sprays in the mouth. Plus they taste great," Tamara explains.

The all-natural Sleep Oral Spray with cherry juice and natural melatonin helps workers with sleep deprivation, avoid the harsh side effects of sleeping pills, and it works in minutes.

Frontline medical workers will have better-quality sleep even when their time for sleep is limited. The spray lets them wake up fresh and not foggy. It’s ideal for shift workers or anyone struggling with sleeplessness.

Marz+ Shine Spray is a 10-times hit of natural B12 to provide a quick boost of energy. This provides relief to frontline medical workers who are experiencing longer shifts and irregular hours. 

"Combining these two two remedies during the day has provided them a solution that's both natural and effective," said Tamara Loehr.

Frontline workers wanting to receive this Sleep and Shine Spray gift can access this online at:

link to come.

Marz+ Labs
6077 Van Nuys Blvd.,
Van Nuys, California
Ph: 844-404-6279

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