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MARZ+® SHINE SPRAY - Sustained Energy with 5x B12

"Love the product! It gives you that much-needed energy!!"
J Nolan

If you're already drinking two or more coffees a day, switch to a more sustained, fast-acting, natural option with Marz Shine Oral Spray.

As seen on Shark Tank as Reboot - the best Vitamin B12 energy spray available

Needing an energy hit that won't compromise your heart, weight or wellbeing?

We've taken B12, a popular vitamin for energy, and boosted it by 5 times. That's 5x the B12 per doses for up to 12hours of sustained energy. 

Marz+® Shine Spray's clinic-approved formula helps you be crystal clear by improving your focus and concentration. Unlike other well-known energy boosts, it has zero sugar, no calories, is gluten-free and packed with vitamins. Absorbed into your bloodstream in seconds, you can now easily give your body a lasting energy boost on-the-go. 

Tip:  Marz+® Shine Spray is ideal for vegans as a natural B12 replacement usually found in meat, fish, and dairy.  

Shake well before use. Spray up to 10 times in mouth or any drink as needed.
Note: Each person's body is unique - experiment to find the right number of sprays for you.

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    We all know how harmful and unhealthy energy drinks
    are. However, have you considered the downsides of
    every additional coffee you have during the day?
    Reducing to one coffee her day and replacing your 2nd
    or 3rd coffee with Marz+® Shine Spray reduces your
    daily calories and sugar intake significantly.

    Use Marz+® Shine Spray to maximize your
    workouts, boost your study time or
    get through night shifts at work.

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