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MARZ+® SLEEP SPRAY - a perfect night's sleep for $1 per night

"I have insomnia and anxiety and boy does this work. I sleep peacefully."
Bre Breeze 

If you're already taking a sleep aid, switch to a more effective, fast-acting, natural option with Marz Sleep Oral Spray.

Avoid the harsh side effects of sleeping pills. Now there's a sleep aid that's natural,  effective and requires no prescription. 

Marz+® Sleep Spray with cherry juice, a natural melatonin, helps improve your sleep cycle. Get a restful sleep and wake up fresh, not foggy. Ideal for shift workers, managing jet lag, and those struggling with sleeplessness. 

Marz+® Sleep Spray also reduces your liquid intake before bed to diminish the need to wake for toilet visits during sleep. Unlike pills, you can control your dosage. 

Tip 1: Use a half does Marz+® Sleep Spray to help reduce stress, relax and calm nerves.
Tip 2: Use to help manage your weight - not enough sleep is known to slow down weight loss efforts. 

Shake well before use. Spray up to 7 times in mouth or any drink as needed.
Note: Each person's body is unique - experiment to find the right number of sprays for you.

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    Avoid addictive and harmful drugs! Most sleeping pills contain
    antihistamines, which can cause dizziness, weight gain and a dry throat
    and mouth. Marz+® Sprays are plant-based and contain no nasty

    No two bodies are the same:
    Unlike pills, oral sprays means you can
    now easily manage your dosage.

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