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About Us

About Us

Marz Sprays is a leading innovator in oral sprays designed to promote overall wellness and help people lose weight safely and effectively.  We bring decades of real-world experience to our products, which were developed by doctors, nutritionists and weight loss professionals in medical weight loss clinics.  We have seen first-hand the ways people succeed and losing weight - and the ways they fail.  Our mission is to help millions of people better understand and put into practice the fundamentals of overall health and wellness - and to reach their weight loss goals as a result.

We have spent years and countless research hours, experimentation, and working with patients at medical weight loss centers to uncover the fundamental cornerstones that make for a healthy metabolism and an improved ability to burn fat and lose weight. We have distilled these thousands of hours of research and the benefit of years of experience into a series of fundamental guidelines – and into our high-impact, highly-targeted oral sprays.

Marz Sprays products are manufactured in the United States in facilities operating strictly under FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our lab has safe and unparalleled levels of safety that have been audited and approved by leading independent bodies as well as by governmental health authorities worldwide.  We are proud to bring you the highest-quality products available in the market today, and a more effective approach to health and weight loss.

Marz+® Labs