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Shark Tank

Shark Tank

Being Selected. Just getting this far felt like a big win!

When we sent in our video to apply for Shark Tank we really had no idea what to expect. When we were contacted and eventually told we were selected to potentially be in front of the sharks we were absolutely shocked! We of course love our business and our products but to have the chance to make the world aware of them, what a business changing opportunity. What we didn’t know was that we were ultimately selected out of over 30,000 applicants who all wanted what we did a chance to tell the Sharks our story, our vision and how we believed we could become the leader in the Oral Spray industry.

Hurry up and Wait. A roller coaster of a day!

The day of filming was long, no make that extremely long! We showed up at the studio at about 6:30am ready to film in our suits and ties and anxious to tell the sharks our story. To make a long day sound short nearly 11 hours later we had our chance. That means for 11 hours we waited and waited and waited some more until it was our turn. The day was getting late and the producers warned us that given how late the day of filming was going we might have to come back. Imagine waiting for nearly 11 hours to then find out you might not film. Really??? Finally, after hearing multiple times we may or may not film we finally ended up going on to the ultimate battle.

The Battle Field. Nonstop action in The Tank!

When you enter The Tank you aren’t given any formal introductions to the sharks, you get out there and you start presenting. What you see on TV is only a small portion of the entire negotiations. As an example, our negotiation was 48 minutes long, and there wasn’t a moment that was dull. From the moment we finished our pitch, the Sharks were hungry and started asking questions like a firing squad. It was one after another after another to the point where we couldn’t please anyone without offending someone. So finally, after a long and grueling battle we had a lot of interest by two of the sharks.

  • Daymond John said he was out because he didn’t know much about the industry and we understood.
  • Robert Herjavec suggested he preferred to get all his nutrients from his diet and although we agree that is a healthy approach many people don’t get all their nutrients that way and in fact can still benefit from liquid absorption of water soluble vitamins such as Vitamin C.
  • Mark Cuban was a bit moody that day and decided he felt the entire supplement industry was a scam and there are many pills and capsules that do not disintegrate, but that is exactly the advantage that Marz Sprays provides to consumers, you don’t have to wonder if your pill is going to disintegrate because our sprays are totally disintegrated and ready for absorption!
  • Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner both saw the size of each of our markets, loved the unique delivery we offer and got into a bidding war back and forth.

Ultimately, we partnered with Lori Greiner, who has been a wonderful partner and helped gain us retail traction. She has a book that not only helps entrepreneurs learn about creating a business but more importantly she discusses Marz Sprays!!!

Stay tuned for more Shark Tank Updates