TIP #1

& addictive chemicals

Sleeping pills and alcohol are often the method of
choice for shift workers to get to sleep. Both of these
substances can not only be addictive but also cause
long term harm to your health. A natural and highly
effective product such as Marz+® Sleep Spray will help you get
to sleep and enjoy restful sleep, when your body just
doesn’t want to cooperate.

TIP #2

drinks & snacks

Snacking through the night, particularly on sugar filled snacks, drinks and lollies is another sure way to make falling asleep and staying asleep more difficult. The sugar “rush” is sending messages to the body that activity is coming. Hardly what you want when sleep is what you seek and need! Snacking and sugar are also huge culprits for the unwanted pounds shift workers seem to easily acquire. Marz+® Slim Spray is a handy companion to ward off hunger pangs through the night.

TIP #3

Aim for 6 hours solid sleep

Many grave yard workers don’t follow the normal sleep patterns
regular day 9 to 5 workers use. That is, they will come home from
night shift and either grab a couple of hours sleep then be up most
of the day and then try to grab a few hours before they go to work.
This approach doesn’t work. Sleep either as soon as you get home
or time it so you get up and go to work once you wake.
Either way — do it in a block of 6 hours (more if possible).
Tip: invest in blockout curtains or a sleep mask to keep the room dark.

TIP #4

caffeine intake

Night workers are notorious for relying on caffeine to
get through the day and night! Coffee, energy drinks and
chocolaty snacks are all culprits in raising caffeine levels
and making it harder to fall asleep and enjoy quality sleep. Instead
of reaching for caffeine next time you’re having an energy lull,
try something else such as Marz+® Shine Spray. It will give you
the boost without the caffeine which will interrupt your sleep.

TIP #5

that rotate

Night work is tough enough on the body and your
sleep as it is. Add constantly changing start and finish
times and it becomes even tougher. If possible, opt for
a night shift offering a consistent start and finish time.
If rotating shifts are your only option, try to sleep in one 
continuous block of at least 6 hours.


1. Natural & fast-acting
2. Suitable for long-term use

Avoid the harsh side effects of sleeping pills. Now there’s a sleep aide
that’s natural, effective in minutes and requires no prescription.

Marz+® Sleep Spray with cherry juice, a natural melatonin, helps improve your
sleep cycle. Get a restful sleep and wake up fresh, not foggy. 

Marz+® Sleep Spray also reduces your liquid intake before bed to diminish the need to
wake for toilet visits during the night. Unlike pills, you can control your dosage.


Trusted by shift workers 

Around 1/4 of Americans work shifts outside the standard 9 to 5. Marz+® Sleep Spray helps them as a natural sleeping aid. 

Night workers found they could:
✔Quickly fall to sleep and stay asleep
✔Wake up fresh and not groggy
✔Eliminate the need for other unhealthy and addictive sleep aids
✔Stay alert at work, increasing their safety
✔Avoid cravings for sugar and carbs for energy when coupling Marz+® Sleep Spray with Marz+® Shine Spray


Don’t just take our word for it ...here’s why you
should replace your sleep drinks and other
aids to Marz+® Sleep Spray.

Image what cutting out 14,000 Calories, 600g of sugar, 360g of
fat and 600g of Carbs and per month
would do for your weight loss!

Plus it’s easy to use ~ simply spray on the go.
It’s absorbed in seconds and works in minutes.
Have one on your bedside table, as well as your
toiletry bag for when you travel.



Get a better quality sleep
and wake up with clarity
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 (7 sprays per day)

Get a natural boost of energy
during shifts that’s zero sugar
1 x 30 Day Marz+® Shine Spray Supply
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Avoid putting on weight,
synonymous with shift working
1 x 30 Day Marz+® Slim Spray Supply
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