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Marz Sprays are now offered throughout the world.  We have partners in many regions today and are in discussions with numerous countries for even more distribution agreements to be announced soon.

Categories supported by the products range from Immune, Energy, Fit, Kids and Sleep. Wherever you have distribution, these are all billion dollar categories and we can partner with you establishing you as a potential leader in your country.

Established Benefits

    • No Pills to Swallow
    • Tastes Great
    • Portable and Convenient
    • Control size does not fit all
    • Patented
    • EU compliant

    The company works with the largest labs in the US holding the highest ratings and credible research development formulation teams. There have been attempts to offer a variety of newer delivery systems to the marketplace and one of the things holding back acceptance previously has been an issue of flavor. Marzsprays and Vitatonics have proprietary flavoring technology allowing that issue to become a huge benefit instead of a deficit.

    Interested in becoming a distributor?

    Please email us today if you are interested in becoming a distributor.  Please include your desired territory, your distribution channels and your estimated volume.  Email -